Funmike’s User Manual.

The first set of questions are focused on me:

What are some honest, unfiltered things about you?

*I take time to reflect a lot. Am I doing the right thing? Would this be good for everyone? What are the consequences of these actions? It might seem I am taking my time but once I have decided, I am quite firm in my decisions.

* I am an introvert. However when the occasion demands it, I adapt. Once I am done, I am back to being my introverted self.

*I love helping people out. There is a fulfillment that comes from helping others.

*I am a great listener. Want to tell me what happened to you 2 years ago on the lovely hills of Idanre? I am all ears and you got my full attention. (By the way, do you know that Idanre Hills has 667 steps and it is about 500 million years old?)

*I tend to become loyal when you have won my trust.

*I love my space. I love and value my alone time. I get to recharge from all my interactions.

*I am a little obsessed with books. I read, review and collect them.

*I tend to soliloquize although I do it when I am alone.

*If I am going to hurt you with my words, I would rather not talk than let it out. I would distance myself so I can calm down. I am learning how to go back and tell the person what they have done wrong so it doesn’t occur again.

*Once I did bad and that I heard ever. Twice I did good, but that I heard never. Dale Carnegie. My distaste for nagging is the one of my propelling force not to criticise others unnecessarily. Say what you have to say once, twice and let go.

*I have a great sense of humor, I laugh at myself and can be sarcastic.

*I am thankful for the gift of Christ. If I hadn't gotten Him, I might have turned out differently.

*I love Babies. Want to keep me beaming and occupied for a few minutes? Drop a cooing baby in my hands and I am a goner. There is a galaxy in their eyes and they listen. They absorb information like sponges.

*I love to plan ahead. The earlier the better. Last minute plans are a hussle but it can be worked on.

What drives you nuts?

*lTKs. They know it all and they don't want to be corrected or just wouldn't take the correction. Please, continue the good work.

*Annoying grating sound or noises. I pick up on sounds easily and if it doesn't have a rhythm then it's a nuisance.


*Criticism is appreciated but let it be constructive. There is a difference between constructive criticism and insults. Let's know the difference and be guided.

*Not giving feedback. It hurts when I have to hear details from someone else. Not only does it screams incompetent, it makes one look like an idiot.

What are your quirks?

*I occasionally tease loved ones and prank them.

*I love the smell of books.

*I have a peculiar taste in music. If it speaks to me then I get it. It doesn't matter the genre, year or language.

*I get super excited when my loved ones celebrate their wins, most likely I would be the loudest voice and silliest dancer that you start to ask who the celebrant is.

*I tend to unconsciously draw or doodle when I am stressed.

* I dance when I am excited.

*I am a realistic romantic, I am that friend that cries when watching a movie or reading a book but would learn from whatever it is and move on.

What are some things that people might misunderstand about you that you should clarify?

*I am not snubbing you. If I am not talking to you, it is mostly because I don't know how to address you or there is nothing to say. I don't do small talk.

*I don't like sharing too much information about myself in the fear that it can be used against me so it is nothing personal.

*Don't assume things with me. It is always best to ask me directly.

How can people earn an extra gold star with you?

*Introduce yourself properly when we meet for the first time or when you are calling me e.g

Hello, my name is John Okro. We met at Den's Dental. I am giving you a call so you can save my number and we can connect.


Hello? Is that Funke? Do you know who is speaking? Oya guess.

If you are not an old friend and you do this, it's a big turn off.

*Calling me by my full name. OLUWAFUNMIKE. You can be assured that no matter my state of mind, a smile will dance on my lips.

*Recommend books. I can't stress my love for books enough. I can hug you to death if I love the book. I can even type you an epistle. Recommend good books.

*Encourage me and check up on my progress occasionally. Send me links to articles and opportunities.

*Taking your time to explain things to me. I might not get it at first but when I do, it is permanent.

* Be an excellent person; treat others well, excel at what you do. Be able to laugh at yourself. Strive for better. Have integrity.Keep learning. You are on your way to platinum in my book.

What qualities do you particularly value in people who work with you?

*Honesty - Please tell me how it is and what has gone wrong so we can both work on it before it gets worse.

*Accountability - You made a mistake? Take the fall. Don't shove it on me or someone else. Fall gracefully, it is not the end of the world. You will surely rise again.

*Ask for help nicely. Yes, as a colleague and friend, I am obligated to help you but when you ask rudely, I am less inspired to do so.

*Creativity, dedication and integrity.

The next set of questions are more focused on how I interact with others:

How do you coach people to do their best work and develop their talents?

*Asking them to work on what they are passionate and excel at.

*Telling them to look at all options before making decisions.

*Not everything people tell you is true and not all true things are good. Be discerning.

*Give them the opportunity to discuss their issues with me and brainstorm solutions together.

What's the best way to communicate with you?

Calls if urgent. Text and audio messages to remind/inform/update me.

What’s the best way to convince you to do something?

*Let it align with my value system and I would be on it in a jiffy.

*Give me the pros and cons, the expected outcome and it’s benefits.

*Make me part of the planning team and challenge me to make it work.

How do you like to get feedback?

*Instant feedback if urgent. Face to face is best. Call or text if you can't reach me. Email for formal issues.

How do you like to give feedback?

One on one. If not, I would call. If unreachable,I would send a text message. I would send mail for formal issues.

If you came this far, you are the real MVP .Thank you. I hope you have gotten to know me better now. If you got questions, please ask in the comment section.

Cheers 🥳

The Creative Genius.




Bibliophile, Writer and a History Enthusiast.

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Funke Adegbokiki

Funke Adegbokiki

Bibliophile, Writer and a History Enthusiast.

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