Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

She was a city chic
Always at the happening places
Has no time to worry
Always saying time waits for no man

She sure was right
Time waits for no man
Not even Princess Lucinda

Here and there she goes
Always here, always there, always on the go
Wanting excitement and danger
Skydiving, snowboarding, skiing, surfing

Everything she does, having no care in the world
Her Father screamed, her Mother begged
Her Sister watched, her Brother stared
But no one could stop her

That’s how she wanted her life
It's quite anticlimatic she died in her sleep

A peaceful ending to an adventurous life

If there is another world over there
As you claim there is Lucinda
I can guess and will be sure that
You will do the same thing all over again.



Funke Adegbokiki

A creative genius . I am naturally curious about life and love to share what I have learnt in the hopes that it helps someone live a better life.